February 15, 2004

Walt Mossberg

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Steve Manes

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Lunch at Nellie Cashman's

Great presentation!

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Our station at DEMO

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Listening station

We saw this listening station at the Barnes and Noble near our hotel. The sign above said "Listen to any CD in the world" and we were pretty skeptical. Basically, we thought "any CD in the world...as long as it is in this stupid store. But after checking its extensive catalog and finding Nino Ferrer (a pretty obscure search), I was pretty impressed.

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February 14, 2004

Scenes from the Westin Kierland

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Orange Tree

At our hotel there is a grove of orange trees. I like seeing orange trees because they remind me of Los Angeles.

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Shopping for our DEMO

I have a horrible habit of never packing well for trips. So it wasn't too much of a surprise to see that I hadn't packed for our Demo. Ben and I headed to the pricey shopping area across the street -- Kierland Commons -- to get me an outfit.

We headed to Anthropologie, a store I love but never have much success at.

Three hours later I had an outfit and Ben was completely exhausted and bored.

And then I realized I needed shoes...

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Onstage during our Technical Rehearsal


This was the first walkthrough -- which went very very badly. Ben was fine, I was a complete mess: my timing was off, I couldn't remember any of my talk and I was a nervous wreck. The second run through -- when I got to stand behind the podium went much better.

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At our rehearsal

Getting ready to do a technical runthrough.

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