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October 19, 2001





Oh, Mena. You crack me up. :-)

(Ok. I'll stop with the annoying emoticons, silly abbreviations and numerous exclamations points...)

Bell Rocker

Damn! I *do* love plaid. I'm smartin' for tartan. I was hoping I could join. But I'm not so into clubs. I'm one of the anti-club types, I think. Don't feel comfortable in organised groups of people. I agree that most people get a lot out of them though. I sometimes think I should join *something*...btw, very nice page. I love the layout and keep coming back to have another look!


ya, i'd feel pretty stupid.

although, plaid is somewhat in right now. maybe you should start the club up again. and this time you can be the president. actually, i think i'd rather join an "i love plaid club" than a "i love 'hot star's name here' club." plaid is a little more attainable.


actually, now that i'm thinking about it, the plaid club isn't so bad of an idea.

you could make a plaid webpage with different tartan prints. and you could have a plaid of the day with the history of it. of course you're not scottish, but you can borrow ben's scottish background. and people can make plaid skirts. and long plaid coats.

it would be a blast.


Oooooooh that brings back memories. Prodigy did use a lot of yellow. And pink. And bright blues, and dark blues.. It had a really blocky interface, like something out of a DOS game.

I remember the BBS's. My fav. was the Jane's Brain board (sponsored by Jane's Cosmetics - until the boys complained, and despite a valiant email campaign to the then pres. of prodigy (got his email addy, mwhahaha) that saved it for a few more months, they closed the board; it was a nice couple of years while it lasted though...).

Do you remember the 'plus' features? Like the chat rooms? It was the best when the chat area had a glitch and the word got out that the chat area was 'free'. The teens would swamp the place, creating and holding open rooms for whole weekends (or until their parents needed the phone, which ever came first). During one of those weekends I stayed online for the whole time, keeping the room I made open, ticking off other people who thought I ought to close it just so a space could be freed up so they could make a room (pfft!).

Ahh... those were the days... (miss lots of stuff, but not my 2400 bps modem!)

Daniel Talsky

I'm an old bbs'er myself. No prodigy or big services, just local 1-line to 16-line BBS's and at 1200 bps no less.

I met my first girlfriend at an ice-cream social for local online people. Everyone we met online was local, and met pretty frequently. I met most of my friends in Rockford, IL that way when I was in High School. The perfect thing for a geeky young boy who loved to write.

God bless online.


Um. I was on Prodigy when I was 13, and I'm a girl.

Did Prodigy send you one of thier fanny packs for being of the first umpteen users? I used to wear that to school. It was cool having friends on alternate coasts.....


holy shit! this is too funny! i just snarfed some of my industrial strength coffee though. but completely worthwhile. rock on.

Lester Nelson

When I was a Junior in High School, I started a club called Gabba Gabba Hey, after I had just seen the incredibly inspirational movie Rock-n-Roll Highschool. It quickly grew into a huge phenomenon at our school, with kids being outraged when they didn't get accepted, and kids overjoyed when they got their certificates. It was really much more of an experiment for me though, kind of a game. I'd never join a club, but I had no problem starting one, to see where it would go.

We once had a giant party in the lunch room, where we all crowded around a table, mixed every kind of candy we could get our hands on in a big bowl, along with bananas and chocolate syrup, and marshmallows, and then we all ate it; it was surprisingly tasty. Then a member would shout out "Gabba Gabba" and the whole group would thrust their fists towards the sky and shout "HEY!", which would get repeated far too often.

We also had an embarassingly long secret handshake.

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