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February 21, 2002



Oh, please. Old Biff is a jerk - remember how he gets when he first sees a flying DeLorean in 2015? I'm pretty sure he contains his jerkiness behind a container of buttkissing to the presence of McFlys, and ONLY the McFlys.

I have no favorite Biff. I like Marty.

[I'll have to pull out the diagram my friend Greg and I made detailing the various timelines of BTTF. That's quality web content.]


Saying you like Marty is taking the easy way out :)

Perhaps you just have to be a kind soul like myself to see the pain in Biff's eyes.


"the pain in Biff's eyes"

The actor who played Biff & the cartoonist who draws Ziggy share the same name. Draw your own conclusions. "Oh, Ziggy. Will you ever win?"


You're right, that chart seals the deal!
Very nice work, tho.... :)


Yes, young Biff is my favourite.. Biff from 1955, that is. Most other Biffs scare me, especially Biff from the scary 1985 (the one with the hotel). I don't know how I found this site, but WOW, I love it... and I cant' believe you have some BTTF content the day I visit. That's my MOST favourite movie in the world (well, the entire trilogy, anyway). Great site... keep it up. and of course, "what the hell is a jiggowatt?"!


alright, that's it: the judy garland paper dolls plus that chart make you the person on earth that i most want to be. [i'll start finding more things to do this very morning, don't worry.]

Phillip Harrington

I enjoy Biffness as a whole an entire entity. He's like Randal Flag. He doesn't change, but his incarnations differ with the times.


great scott.


auto detailing biff just LOOKS funny so I'd have to go with him just based on that. :)


Old Biff as he would've actually been under George McFly's thumb for sixty years (1955-2015), not thirty, making him a rather pitiful lump of coal. Far beyond bitter, I'd say.

I'm kinda partial to Mad Dog myself. Not as enterprising as Biffco Biff (even though he did have to find time in his busy schedule to deal with Marty) but far more the rugged and outdoors type.

And who couldn't admire a person who doesn't know the meaning of the word forfeit?

Marty: "Hey, lighten up, jerk!"
Mad Dog: "Mighty strong words, runt! You man enough to back that up with more than just a pie plate?!"


The Biff chart! Mena is my hero now. When you get to the Richmond, I'll buy you a drink.


I do not have a favorite Biff, but I will say that I derived many hours of enjoyment from the BTTF video game =)

davey jones

who cares? that's the power of love.


I believe it's safe to assume that we are all fans of this classic movie trilogy here. Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a website dedicated to the upcoming DVDs (http://www.bttfmovie.com). Unfortunately, it doesn't say when exactly they're coming out. Soon I hope...

I hope one of the special features on the DVD will be a commentary explaining why you throw bowling balls as your weapon on the old BTTF Nintendo game. Never quite made that connection to the movie...


For some reason this made me think of the hoodoo routine between Myrna Loy and Cary Grant from The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer:

You remind me of a man.

What man?

The man with the power.

What power?

The power of hoodoo.


You do.

Remind me of a man.

What man? (ad infinitum)

Listen to it here: http://www.hep.umn.edu/~jenny/CG/Hoodoo.AIFF


Definitly Griff Tannen...granted he is a jerkface (just like all of the Biff relations...) but he is the hottest!


Definitly Griff Tannen...granted he is a jerkface (just like all of the Biff relations...) but he is the hottest!


1955 Biff.

All the way.

He's as dumb as a post and he don't care.

Of course, old Biff did hit people randomly...


I have to go with scary rich 1985 Biff. While I agree with Ryan that your 1955 Biff is pretty cool, the 1985 rich Biff is basically that Biff taken to another level. Instead of porn, he sits in a jacuzzi with a bevy of bimbos, while he still retains the qualities of being cruel and stupid . Plus he appears in the best film of the three and has the best hair.

Old future Biff reminds me of Norman Mailer and is about as likeable.


I can't even remember! But now I must go watch all of the BTTF movies. ;-)


I did a little further thinking on this last night and I'd like to elaborate further why Biffco Biff is better than 1955 Biff. 1955 Biff is pretty cool, as Ryan has stated, and were he destined to follow a normal life, would be somewhere near the peak of his coolness and virility, before the realities of work and taxes inevitably wear away at his inner state of biffness. But the sports almanac allows Biff to reach new heights - freed from the daily grind of day to day life, Biff is free to devote time and money to being the coolest, meanest, cruelest Biff in existence.


Come on people, old biff was the best. He's the only good thing in the worst episode ever.

Excellent Biff Chart, reminds me of classic time travel arguments with friends from the past.


1955.......I love the fact that in 1955 he got his lights punched out by Mcfly...that was SWEEEET!!!

Bill III

I would have to agree that the 1955 Biff is my favorite. I really like the whipped Biff in the second 1985, because you know he desrves it. But, all in all no one has the classic Biff flare like the Biff from the good ol'1955.


i need a picture of the scene where biff shows marty his "new business cards for my auto detailing " i believe that's in the second movie I have a real detailing business called biff auto detailing and i'd like to put that wav file or clip on my site when it's up and running if yal could, please email me with the stuff okay you little runt!

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