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May 30, 2002



Love the vignettes! Your site rocks...thanks for the laughs!


The quality of the "pities the day" joke is superb! It's cracker jack.


The Rock is another one in the vein of Mr. T. They both sometimes speak in the 3rd person, they're both larger than life beings surrounded by their own fabricated auras (I mean this in a good way...eek!) and not many would wish to be the enemy of either of them. I was driving to Madison last weekend and ended up behind a WWF coach bus headed for Green Bay. It was coverd in WWF advertising and whose image was on the back in gargantuan form but The Rock, himself...gesturing the same way that Morpheus did to Neo in the Jujitsu training scenes in The Matrix. See? All you have to do is mention Mr. T and look what you get?!


heeeheehahahawahwaahwaw. Thanks for the chuckle.


You really should stop walking up that hill. I understand it's bad for you. And causes back sweat.

Ryan Schroeder

Get the F out!
That's the WWE now!


I once told my boyfriend, in all seriousness, that I'd sent something FedEx because I wanted to "be absolutely sure" that it would arrive on time.

Damn the commercial empire!


I was at a Chinese restaurant and they had Disney music playing. Well, the tunes were of the Disney songs, but it wasn't necessarily the actual commercialized songs, but rather like someone played it on a keyboard with odd tuning. I remember the Aladdin song mostly, that magic carpet ride one. They played it three times while I was there. It was beautiful. Ha!

Daniel Talsky

They need to have a sitcom about you guys.

Mena & Ben.

Or maybe just,

(ben would just have to be your wacky sidekick, er, straight man).


I pity the day that I didn't look at your funny joke. hah. Glad i stopped by to catch the mr.t humor.


Okay...you are cracking me up!

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