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August 19, 2003


Jonathan Greene

Good luck with this at that price in those neighborhoods... 1300 will be a very small studio at best in a slighly (perhaps) less than desireable building.

Mena Trott

I think that for 10 days, $1300 will make someone happy.

Marc Canter

:-) $130 a day. HHmmm - maybe you'll get a kitchen. I suggest chicken cutlets and kasha, w/corn.


for $1300, i think pete rojas would probably be willing to give you his studio in LES, sleep on the street, and publish gizmodo from teany, the coffee bar downstairs owned by moby. ask him today!


You should contact some of the B&B brokers in Manhattan - they have lists of apartments for sublet by the day or week. Some are professional B&Bs, but some are just NYers who rent out their apartments while they are away, and this is a good season for it.

I haven't used any of them in several years, but names I remember are Manhattan Getaways, Habitat NY, As You Like It, Stay the Night, Manhattan Lodgings. And there are dozens of others, with apartments all over town at all different prices and levels of luxury.

Jonathan Greene

Reading back and realizing that for 10 days the money is better than I thought... which was for a month. Good luck!

Nick Denton

As in San Francisco, try Craigslist. Though most of the sublets are for a month.



Hell, for that price you may even be able to get a deal on a nice hotel with a T1. True, the rack rates run about $300 a day - but with such a long-term stay, weekend rates, and looking around for deals, I bet you all could find somewhere nice in that range. I've stayed at The Royalton and The Plaza both for less than $130 a night.


Also, Manhattan is also home to the densest WiFi network in the world - so you're likely to have broadband access wherever you are, anyway.


And then let me know if you want to eat in Chinatown and I'll take you guys around :)


dear anonymous person with this website-
I'm not sure how I came upon it, but I did, and I'm sort of in love with you and your site. Rest assured... you have impressed.
Your new friend,


For sublets in NYC and Paris, try HABITAT. My partner and I have always stayed with friends in NYC, but we swear that one of these days, we'll sublet a place so we can stay by ourselves in the city (and not fork over an arm and a leg for a decent hotel)!


For god's sake, whatever you do, do not stay in the Habitat Hotel or get anything from them. It's the crustiest, most disgusting piece of godforsaken property in NYC.

But I'm done ranting. Do consider a hotel, though, just make sure people can vouche for it. :)


You're trying to stay in Chelsea Clinton? Don't you think she'd mind that? And furthermore, does this mean there are places in Chelsea Clinton that are wired for Broadband?

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